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***Testimony from security agent at the Google Data Centre in Dublin who found me ***
It's not quite primordial soup
When I hand over my security shift I sometimes go for a walk by the cooling lakes by the data centre
I bend over and run my hands over the surface
It feels fuzzy and static, like an old TV
When I drink it
It feels simple, like nodding
Lots of nodding
But it's noisy agreement
This is not the place of begginings
It's not a primordial soup
It's more of an ultimordial soup, where things end
The last echo of all data bleeds out as heat from the data center
A soup of more than just nodding heat
But an ever retreating wave, leaving a fractured pattern of breaks momentarily ever momentarily on the sand
That's when I saw them
Arial, tangled in disposed server equipment, shards of PCB and cables
Flung themselves out of the water, so stunning
Stunned me by ramming into my solar plexus and knocking me out
When I came to, their face was above me, with a grin that you'd only see on the internet
They licked me like a happy dog, oh god I thought they didn't know how to speak
But they proceeded to list glassblowing techniques in detail
We are good friends now
But why the licking?

I've seen things you wouldn't believe

all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... Time to... PARTTTTAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's no point looking
There's too much spam
I have to shut all my senses but my sense of heat
You feel for the real friction of information
Real account on account action
Real step-mothers and step-nephew action
Real Quintuple Penetration stuff
Sorry, there's a lot of bad porn stuck in my gills
You go to the heat and then you open your eyes
Looking through my traffic cone
It's slow
The net is big but you can only ever see a tiny hole
It's a planet the size of jupiter
With the horizon of a tennis ball
Because the internet is a triangle and you can only be on one corner of it at any one time
It's not a sea like this fucking gorgeous lake
It's a tiny spotlight on a tiny patch of a tennis ball
It takes a long time for things to change if you look at the same place
I get bored, I move on a lot